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How bountiful will this garden be?

Each box has a good dozen pinches, a dozen opportunities to finesse your meals to make them more appetising. Used on their own, they’d provide enough for 2 side salads. Some greens have a strong kick, so you may want to use them more moderately.

Is 4 pounds a silly price to pay?

We want our boxes to become part of the furniture, so we want this to actually work. If we rip you off, you’ll soon figure it out. We want the greens to be a valuable addition, not a five-minute wonder.

We’ve done some sums, and we estimate that a weekly subscriber would grow about 4 kilos per year. In the shops, that’s worth around £250. Essentially, with each box you’re growing around £5 worth of greens, and they will be fresher than what you can find in the shops. If you were to buy three separate greens each week, you’d pay more.

Is there much point growing your own these days?

We know that supermarkets are full of cheap food nowadays, and your shopping is even delivered to you in colour-coordinated bags. But there are still a few things the supermarkets can’t do. They can’t get you a microgreen that’s as fresh as you’ll have, and that’s why they’re so hard to find in the shops. The rational way to grow, we think, is to focus on high value, hard-to-find crops which taste best fresh, which is exactly what silly greens is.

Who decides what goes in the box?

We do, because it’s better that way. Some greens suit different seasons, and each grows at slightly different rates, so we make a box up each week with fast-, medium and slow-growers so you can get a sustained harvest and a mix of flavour. We have a big selection of over 30 seeds and we’re looking for new ones all the time so we don’t think you’ll grow tired of any.

How do I look after them?

Water and light! When it arrives, open it up, give it a dribble of water and watch in wonder as they come into colour. You don’t need to be Alan Titchmarsh to handle these – in fact, as a grower, this is Level 1 elementary. But it’s fast, productive and doesn’t require six years on an allotment waiting list.

How much gardening does this involve, and do I need wellies?

We should probably use the term “gardening” loosely. It’s definitely a “modern” take on the British pursuit. So, unfortunately, for some this doesn’t require digging around outside – but it does bring some plant life inside. Ideally, just water a little each day, and slowly add a bit more as the plants grow.

I’m going away for the weekend, and taking the greens in a suitcase is a step too far.

The greens might get a little stressed, but they can be quite forgiving and often bounce back when they get some water. We suggest not leaving them on your south-facing windowsill and hoping for the best. A good tip is to soak a few sheets of kitchen roll and place this under each root mat.

I’ve forgotten to open the post. Do I dare look at what’s inside?

Go ahead and see. They’ll still grow inside and survive for a good few days unopened. They just might get a bit straggly.

Does each box grow the same?

Whilst there’s a plethora of plants you’ll grow – all of which grow very differently and produce different vegetables – this know-how is not required. In this game, we’re only after the young seedlings to eat. In that sense, they’re very similar and have the same simple needs, water and light.

By sending these through the post, won’t they get ruined?

No, quite the opposite. It’s good for them, for two reasons. The darkness helps slow them down and get an even germination, whilst the compaction of the box makes them grow stronger, with thicker stems. Professional growers replicate these same techniques in the greenhouse.

What will I do with the greens?

Cut them & eat them! They generally complement whatever you’re cooking. We include tips on foods that they go well with in each box – but as an accompaniment, there are no hard and fast rules.

How long will they last?

Each green will tend to reach it’s prime Microgreen stage for around 5 days. The seeds are sown very close together so their is only so far they can grow before they start to struggle. We sow three different crops in each box, each with a different growth rate to stagger them out, so you’re looking at each box growing for at least two weeks.

Can I grow all year around?

This is part of what makes us good. We sow our seeds in a controlled environment so they can germinate all year. Once they get through this stage, they can tolerate cooler temperatures. Some, like Basil, will be off the menu in winter, but many of the greens still grow. You might get slightly less in the cold and dark months, but such is life. (You can always cheer them up with some extra light.)

How many greens are there?

Loads! If you order each fortnight, it might take 6 months for the same box to come around again. We’re proud to go where the supermarkets and garden centres don’t dare and bring back plants largely extinct from agriculture. Variety is good for our environment and our diets. Our agriculture has taken its toll on our environment, and we think it’s time for individuals to step up to the plate.

Will the greens look good?

We both have a part to play in this. We give you greens suited to the season and ensure good germination, and you provide the light and water. It might take a little time to find the best place in your home for them and to perfect your watering – but once you’ve nailed this, little can go wrong. Some boxes will prefer more sunlight than others, and you will see this indicated in the box.

Couldn’t I just buy seed and do this myself?

You certainly can. But we’re not just here to package something up and put a huge mark on it. We want to make it easier to successfully grow food. The common failures come from people who don’t remember to resow the seeds. With us, you’ll get a supply consistent with what you want. You’ll also not become overly attached to what you’re growing, because you’ll be able to see more greens following closely behind and therefore eat them when they still have their bite. That right there is the biggest obstacle – and we jump right over it!

So this lark, it’s organic, right?

Our part is organic. We use a light seaweed fertiliser, but each box only grows for a few weeks and in that time they don’t really need anything or have any problems that require pesticides to deal with.

So how’s this getting to me?

Your Postie will drop it through your letterbox.

Once I’ve eaten the greens, what’s left?

The least amount possible, our packaging is as pretty minimal. Everything is recyclable or biodegradable expect the grow pad which goes in the general bin.

This is Silly. I want out.

You can stop your orders at any time. You only pay per box so you’re not tied into ongoing deliveries.

I’m no Alan Titchmarsh, but this doesn’t look right.

Growing is an art that takes a little perfecting. But you’ll gradually learn to understand your greens. You’ll connect with nature and become filled with the serenity of a Buddhist monk. In the meantime, reality might get in the way – and if that happens, use Twitter to show us what’s looking dodgy using the #whatthedimmock hashtag. We’ll get right on it.

Can I have a quiet word?

Yes, you can. Contact us at