Why bother growing your own Micro Herbs and Greens?

Food is in relative terms getting cheaper, it’s more convenient to buy than ever and we get produce from all around the world so seasonality has all but disappeared. These reasons shouldn’t deter us but we can be excused for considering these factors when it comes to growing our own. In sounds bad, but growing expensive crops is perhaps a good direction to take, accepting our limitations and mixing it up so we’re getting something different from what we find in the shops.

Silly Greens is about taking a more logical approach to food growing, in a way we hope resonates with people today.  Our micro greens turn up ready to grow, but it’s not just this, they’ll grow where they’re seen, so they can be freely added on plates.

Micro herbs have intense flavour, are hard to buy and have a short shelf life once cut. Silly Greens helps push the boundaries of where and how we can grow food. Read more about our company vision.


Where do I grow my greens?

Your greens will have started to germinate when they arrive. We’d recommend growing them in the kitchen, because they’re for eating after all.  On a windowsill should be good, but as the seasons change you might want to move them around a little, as they never want to get scorched by the sun or even too cold in the winter.

How micro are we talking?

Full height is generally a few inches for a lot of them. This is because they are sown so densely that to grow past this they’ll need more space. For growing unaided in the kitchen this is just the right height as it gives a fast but flavoursome crop of huge variety. There’s no stopping them though if they’re given more space.

What is a Micro Green?

If it’s a plant it can be a microgreen. It’s just a small seedling of a vegetable or herb. When you grow something to a small seedling, you can grow them much closer than you would do normally space seedlings. A dense patch of seedlings which reach there first leaf stage carry the flavour of the mature plant but grow indoors, within weeks, on a year-round basis.
Micro herbs open up potential to plants which we don’t tend to eat at maturity such as Sunflower and Borage, which tend to only be palatable at a micro stage. There’s a few plants not suitable to eat as a Microgreen such as Tomato, Potato and Parsnip which are part of the nightshade family but there’s 100s of other contenders. See what we got here

What are the greens like when they arrive?

The seeds will be just starting to crack. Once the box is opened you can extend the darkness by keeping them covered up with the pad. This will help them grow taller and also ensure all the seeds fully germinate.

Will they grow year round?

Yes. A box only lasts a week or two but they can be grown inside year-round because they need little to survive. Most of their energy comes from the seed which gets them a few inches high when they’re cut.

How long do they take to grow?

Most of our varieties take between 7-12 days in total. You’ll receive the greens a few days in just a they start to shoot. Find out more on our home page.

Where do the grow boxes start life?

The greens are sown in the greens shed, on the farm, in Suffolk. Most of the growing happens though once it arrives on a doorstep as the seeds get packed before they’ve seen light. To make the boxes, we brew up a seaweed type of gel that the greens root into.

Why are micro greens so expensive ?

Micro herbs are hard to buy in the shops, once cut they have a short shelf life which detracts many retailers. They’re also a crop which requires a lot of handling which makes them an expensive crop to grow but they’re also not a key ingredient. We hold our hands up and say this. They easily deteriorate within a day or two at home which is often too quick when you need just a little to garnish a plate. This makes them a bit of extravagant buy for a home cooked meal which is a shame because they can often be a bit of a wonder.

Silly Greens are delivered premature so you have time to use them before the wilt away. This way of doing things makes it significantly better value but also better end result. You’ll also be utilising your own space to grow a small but nutritious crop, it’s a no brainer to us.

Do they need soil to grow?

The green come with everything they need to grow. We like soil but we don’t use, instead we use a seaweed gel. You don’t need much to grow a micro herb, but the gel is good at feeding the greens, prevents drying out and promotes a stable germination. Learn more about our approach.

Are they organic?

We don’t use any herbicides or pesticides. They grow in a natural seaweed based substrate which provides a level of feed for the seedlings. Our seeds come from a mixture of organic and non organic plants.

When do you deliver?

We post greens out at the start of the week, within 48hrs they’ll be ready-growing on your doorstep. They should turn up on Thursday or Friday but if you can’t get to them that day, they can cope a day or two unopened.

Can I recycle my grow box?

Yes and if its not recyclable its compostable. So nothing need go to landfill.

How will I stop?

Just log in and click stop. We only charge for boxes we’ve posted out. It’s pay as you grow, so you can stop and start as you wish.