Where and how do I grow them?

The greens have already germinated when they arrive. We’d recommend growing them in the kitchen, leaving them on or near a window. As the seasons change, you might want to bring them nearer or further from a natural light to avoid too much direct sun.

When are they ready to eat?

Once they are few inches tall. For some greens this comes in under a week, for others it takes two. Each box has a balance of these.

What size is the box?

The box is 35cm long by 16cm wide and is fully planted.  

How big can they grow?

Not much more than 3 inches. They are intentionally sown thickly so you get a small and dense crop. Their density means they can be grown in a short time and produce a more intense flavour.  

Does the box fit through a letterbox?

It fits all standard letterboxes. Your letterbox needs to have minimun height of 2.5cm and width of 16cm.

The box measures 350mm L x 160mm D x 25mm

What are the greens like when they arrive?

The greens arrive having not seen any light, which is required for germination. They arrive pale in colour and will turn green within a day or two.

What can you do with the microgreens?

Cut them near the base of the stem when they reach a few inches tall. They’re super versatile and go with pretty much anything. We make some suggestions here, but it’s best to just experiment with them.

How much do you get from a box?

The box contains 3 trays, each tray having a good three pinches worth. Some greens have a strong kick, so you may want to use less. For something bigger than a garnish, you might want the whole tray.

How big are they when they arrive?

About a 1cm in height. We send them at a late stage of germination, when the darkness and compactness of the box is helpful to them. These conditions make them stronger, replicating the same process farmers use.

What day do they arrive?

Boxes arrive on Wednesday or Thursday depending on how fast the post is working.  If you are away for more than a few days you can pause your box.

When should I open them?

Ideally, you should open them the day they arrive. They need to be opened so they have more space to grow. They don’t necessarily need light straight away, they will grow taller in a darker place. You can always keep the padding on top of the greens to shade them but opening the box to give them space and air is beneficial.

Which greens come in the box?

We sow a different box each week, selecting just three greens from the 25+ varieties we sow in total.

We select boxes so each green is ready at different periods, some grow a few days quicker than others and that helps stagger the crop time.

Why bother growing your own?

Food is in relative terms getting cheaper, it’s more convenient to buy than ever and we get produce from all around the world so seasonality has all but disappeared. These reasons shouldn’t deter us but we can be excused for considering these factors when it comes to growing ou own. In sounds bad, but growing expensive crops is perhaps a good direction to take, accepting our limitations and mixing it up so we’re getting something different from what we find in the shops.

Silly Greens is about taking a more logical approach to food growing, in a way we hope resonates with people today.   They turn up ready to grow, but it’s not just this, they’ll grow where they’re seen, so they can be freely added on plates.

Micro herbs have intense flavour, are hard to buy and have a short shelf life once cut. Silly Greens helps push the boundaries of where and how we can grow food. Read about us.


How long will they last?

You have about 2 weeks to pick all the greens. Each green has a prime picking stage lasting about 3-5 days once they are a few inches tall. Given the limited space in the box, they’re unable to grow beyond this time frame.

Will they grow year-round?

Whilst each box only lasts a few weeks, we run a repeat service so you get more long-term usage. The seeds are sown in controlled conditions and they don’t need much to survive – just a bit of natural light and water should do it.

What do they grow in?

They grow in Agar Agar, a 100% plant-based substrate (vegetable gelatine extracted from seaweed). The seaweed naturally feeds the greens, and requires much less watering compared with soil.

Can I recycle the box?

Yes, it’s plain cardboard with recyclable plastic insert trays.
We’ve designed the grow box in a minimal way to make opening and growing it as quick as possible.

All that’s required is to cut the lid away from the box to make the tray.

The used seedlings and protective pads are compostable and can go into your food or garden waste bin.

Is it value for for money?

Micros are generally expensive and hard to find, so it makes sense to grow them yourself. The cost of the box should yield around the same as the retail value but it will always be fresh. Even within 24hrs of picking, they lose a great deal of their taste, vigour and nutrition. We also sow varieties you won’t find in supermarket aisles.


We don’t use any pesticides or herbicides. The plants are naturally supported by the Agar which is made from seaweed. Being small, micros get most of their energy from the seed. The seeds are not from an organic source.

How do I cancel?

You can stop your orders at any time via your account, We don’t tie you in and you’ll stop receiving boxes immediately. 

We charge for 3 boxes as a minimum transaction. When you cancel a refund will be issued automatically for any pre-paid boxes.