Why bother growing your own Micro Herbs and Greens?

Food is in relative terms getting cheaper, it’s more convenient to buy than ever and we get produce from all around the world so seasonality has all but disappeared. These reasons shouldn’t deter us but we can be excused for considering these factors when it comes to growing our own. In sounds bad, but growing expensive crops is perhaps a good direction to take, accepting our limitations and mixing it up so we’re getting something different from what we find in the shops.

Silly Greens is about taking a more logical approach to food growing, in a way we hope resonates with people today.  Our micro greens turn up ready to grow, but it’s not just this, they’ll grow where they’re seen, so they can be freely added on plates.

Micro herbs have intense flavour, are hard to buy and have a short shelf life once cut. Silly Greens helps push the boundaries of where and how we can grow food. Read more about our company vision.


Where do I grow my greens?

Your greens will have started to germinate when they arrive. We’d recommend growing them in the kitchen, because they’re not eating after all.  Plonk them down like a window herb box but as the seasons change, you might want to bring them nearer or further from the window, so they don’t get scorched in the sun.

When are they ready to eat?

Micro Herbs and Greens are ready at a few inches tall. For some greens this growth comes in under a week, for others it takes two. Each grow box consists of faster and slower growing micro greens. Find out more on our home page.

What size are the grow boxes?

The grow boxes are small but we’re talking micro herbs here. Small letter-sized boxes full to the max with seeds so they’ll only have space to get so big. It’s harder to grow things to maturity indoors so embrace these micro greens.

How big do micro greens grow?

Not very, you want to be chopping them at few inches tall. That may sound like a life cut short and you’d be right it is, you’ll be depriving a turnip from reaching a turnip cutting him down when he’s barely out a nappies. But live fast die young, you savage. But if you want to go all Monty Dom on them be our guest. You can rescue and repot the odd seedling to keep your conscience in check.

Which Greens come in the box?

Well you’ll just have to wait and see won’t you. We bung three in a box but we’ve got about 20 or so, maybe more after we return from our next jaunt to the Galapagos, or was that animals. What we can say is that you’re see things that you can’t pick on your average Grocery aisles, hooray for homegrown diversity.

What are the greens like when they arrive?

Sometimes you just got to take the plunge haven’t you. Seeds pop up at different times, and the weather around us changes, sometimes you’ll want to keep the covered in darkness a little longer and other times they’ll might want to go straight into the light.

This grow box of greens, will fit through my letterbox?!

Yep, because they aren’t finished growing. That is the bit you do, see how this works now. We know it is revolutionary, soon we might as well start calling the Postman a gardener. Anyway, it’s the size of a letter so if it doesn’t fit then you should probably consider getting an actual letterbox. What are you waiting for, order one now.

The box measures 350mm L x 160mm D x 25mm

How long do will my box of Micro Herbs last?

Not much more than a week or two, soz. But give a damn! That’s why we can keep sending them and lets be frank, what keeps us in shrewd business so we can put something else on the table to accompany the greens. This the precisely the point though, you’re growing something in the kitchen and frankly its time you branched out beyond a wilting pot of parsley.

Do Micro Greens grow year-round?

Whilst each box only lasts a few weeks, we run a repeat service so you get more long-term usage. The seeds are sown in controlled conditions and they don’t need much to survive – just a bit of natural light and water should do it.

Do they grow in Soil?

This is 2020, get a grip of yourself. Nah we use a Seaweed Gel (Agar Agar) and you’ll come to love it. You don’t need much to grow a micro herb, you can use a bit bog roll but not us. It comes out the sea of the coast of Spain and then we brew it up to make a natural substrate that feeds the greens all the way home, its harmonious. Learn more about our approach.

Can I recycle my grow box?

It’s a good old bit of Fsc Cardboard, plain without any coating. The grow box is as minimal as it’s gets because this is about growing food (small food) and not seducing you with designer packaging that you’d only ravage apart.

We use compostable liners so nothing need go to landfill, the trays though are plastic. The most widely recycled plastic RPET1 made from 80% recycled material.

Are micro greens value for money?

Generally no. Which is why the closest you may have come to them has been MasterChef. That was then and this is now, as you’ll be putting in all that hard graft growing them it will be a pinch on the plate and not on the pocket, hey hey. You’ll get a bit more time to eat them (they’re living) and when you do it will be a few days fresher than what you can buy, which in this game makes all the difference.

Is this Organic?

At this size being Organic is not much of a thing. When plants get bigger the cracks start showing but these young’uns don’t have to worry so much about pests and diseases. So don’t use any herbicides or pesticides. They grow in a natural seaweed based substrate which feeds them for us. Some of our seeds but not all are from Organic plants.

How do I stop?

Stop anytime, you only pay for what we’ve posted out so it’s pay as you grow contract.

What day of the week do you deliver the Micro Herbs?

Usually they arrive with the post on Thursday, sometimes it can take an extra day.

How often can I get my box of fresh herbs?

You can have a box of fresh herbs every week.

Do the herbs fit through the letterbox?

Yes, these are micro herbs in a slimline box, ready to grow.

Will these herbs and veg plants grow indoors?

All our greens will grow year-round in the kitchen on or near the windowsill. Micro greens grow comfortably at room temperature.

What do I get in my plant subscription?

You get plants! Lots of different seedlings each week – or less if you prefer, with herbs and leafy greens that you can cut within a week or grow on to plant out into pots for the garden.

Where does my grow box start life? Is this farm produce?

The greens start life on the farm in Suffolk but really most of the growing is done with you. On the farm we trial and grow all the varieties but when it comes to the boxes these are grown in a grow house that resembles more a brewery than glasshouse as we brew up a seaweed liquid to use as soil.

What can you eat as a Micro Green?

If it’s a plant it can be a microgreen. It’s just a young plant! You can eat some things you wouldn’t expect, which tend to be unpalatable/inedible when mature such as Sunflower and Borage. On the flip side some vegetables you wouldn’t consume when small, such as Tomato, Potato and Parsnip as they are part of the nightshade family. See what we got here