The Greens

Microgreens are just early ​versions of regular ​herbs and veg, cut before they’ve had a chance to grow. As the goal is micro-sized, trays are sown with loads more seeds than would be sown if growing the full-sized thing. The results are ​punchy, nutritious greens that can grow​ indoors all year-round.

Growing greens for a few weeks is pretty fault-free, there’s just not that much that can go wrong in that space of time. Veg that you wouldn’t grow indoors or you’d wouldn’t want to grow bigger can be grown to a small leaf all year-round indoors.

Silly Greens was set up to make food growing more attractive. The aim being, grow the things you don’t see in the shops or taste better homegrown, choosing varieties for flavour rather than yield that often come at a high-value. We’re therefore on journey to scale up really small scale growing. Our grow boxes are a conveinent format but we also share seed for growing more mature veg at certain times during the year.

For growing a short lived crop here’s how we make things easier