Nutritious Crops

Grow crops that are nutritiously dense, rediscovering old and unusual crops.

Fresh to pick

Ready growing greens which are ready to grow up rather than down. Three greens give fresh pickings for a week.

Low Impact

Grow your own where you need it, skipping pesticides and supply chains.

How it Works

Herbs by post explained in 30 seconds. We sow them so you can grow them.

Schedule a box

Choose how often you’d like a box

Remove top

Just the lid comes off, the rest is ready

The seeds are sown

Sown thickly on mats without soil

Let them grow

They can grow happily in the kitchen

We post them out

Once germinated we select three greens for the box

Pick ’em small

When few inches tall they are ready to eat

choose glasses

Are you ready to Grow?

3 micro greens per box, enough pinches for about 9 meals.

Every week

This means consistent greens for picking so you’ll always have something to throw on your plate.

Every 2 weeks

It takes over a week to crop a box. So this gives you greens, for pretty much most of the time.

Every 4 weeks

A box every 4 weeks. You’ll grow one, then they’ll be a little gap before you grow the next one. It’s not quite Alan Titchmarsh but you’re on your way.

Every 6 weeks

Have a little graze once in awhile with a box every 6 weeks.

3 reasons for Silly Greens

Many of the greens you’ll grow you can’t buy, if that’s not a big enough reason itself, here’s three more.



Growing a wide range of crops is good for us and the crops. Becoming a grower you’ll be utilsing a space in which to grow food, a space that probably wasn’t growing food before. The world’s appetite for bigger and bigger scale has led farming down a narrowing path, we’re growing more but of less and with that we’re losing types of plants and veg. Growing your own might just fill a gap but it also connects us with something which let’s face it, is getting out of hand.





Each box you grow yourself is making use of space to grow food, grown without chemicals, a good alternative to the washed and bagged greens that lose their flavour fast. Salad is one of the most wasted ingredients and living greens will keep going longer. As we adjust our food production methods across the world, growing what you can yourself and maintaining a connection with where food comes from is a good thing.



The aim behind Silly Greens is to get people growing food and not in a novelty way, in way that is worth doing and yields. Micro herbs are small but productive crop for the little space they take up, yielding new crops week on week. It doesn’t have to stop at micro herbs though and we see potential to go beyond the kitchen and grow more. We put 4p aside from each box sold to drive projects that directly involve silly greens growers.