Big Flavour

Smaller crops mean the flavour is more concentrated than in larger plants. Just three greens give fresh pickings for a week.

Grow Where You Cook

We sow the crops so they’re ready to grow. Just take them out of the box, put them on your counter, and water them.

Low Impact

Grow your own where you need it, skipping pesticides and supply chains.

How it Works

Herbs by post explained in 30 seconds.

Schedule a box

Choose how often you’d like a box

Remove top

Just the lid comes off, the rest is ready

The seeds are sown

Sown thickly on mats without soil

Let them grow

They can grow happily in the kitchen

We post them out

Once germinated we select three greens for the box

Pick ’em small

Once a few inches tall they’re ready to eat

Micro greens are small but punchy – your usual herbs and veg just grown for less time and picked as a seedling. We select greens for the flavour and sow them – you just snip away and pair with what’s cooking.

choose glasses

Start growing some greens

You get 3 greens per box, each box different from the last

Every week

You’ll always have greens.

Every 2 weeks

You’ll have greens almost all the time.

Every 4 weeks

You’ll have greens most of the time.

Every 6 weeks

You’ll have greens some of the time.

3 Reasons to Get Your Greens Delivered


The industrial farming industry dictates what we eat – and increasingly, our choices are limited: collectively, we eat less than 1% of available plant foods. Our crops are diverse, which is good for the planet. It also means you’ll discover new greens you can’t find in the shops.




Herbs are one of the most wasted ingredients, second only to bananas. Our greens last way longer than produce from the shop, giving you more opportunity to use them.



Faced with today’s food climate, growing your own greens feels more radical than ever. The movement doesn’t have to stop there, though. We see potential way beyond home-grown greens, which is why we put 4p aside from each box sold to drive projects that directly involve Silly Greens growers.