The Low Down

Homegrown has potential. We post seeds that grow greens straight out of the box. As they’re short-cycle crops (only grow for a few weeks) they need regular sowing so we do that part to keep the greens cropping. It makes plant-to-plate as quick as there is for a crop that adds a little something to the plate, be it in colour, texture or taste. The seed trays will have a few greens not seen in the shops and quite a few veggies too often avoided in full size.

Explainer for why Silly Greens beats the alternative farm grown greens


You may not know it but Microgreens can be pretty pricey, they’re a lot more gram for gram than full-sized herbs. You’ve possibly not even seen them in the shops because they’re not widely stocked, held back by their price and short shelf life most probably and the close proximity they need to be grown to the shop. These are two things we can improve on and have a natural advantage over the supermarkets. Their popularity amongst chefs has not carried through to home cooking most probably for these reasons but we also think the physical presence of greens growing in the kitchen opens up their usability which is key for a minute and easily forgotten food. With the ease at which we make them grow we think perceptions can change.

Micro nasturtium grown on a windowsill


Plants can grow without soil – common knowledge. Microgreens can even grow without the nutrients soil has because they have enough energy in the seed for them to reach their seedling sized crop. We make the greens work by sowing them in Jelly. This locks the seeds in place while they are in the post and keeps them hydrated. As it grows, it shrinks, leaving nothing behind but roots.

We sow a new box every other week on the farm and post them out the same day. After they’ve had a bit of time in the dark, loads of seeds will quickly pop up producing a dense patch of microgreens.

Farm shed where the greens are packed and sown


The box is a slender cardboard carton designed to fit through the letterbox. The entire grow box can be recycled when it’s had its day, a few weeks later.

We post the greens on the slow service so they can start to germinate en route, using the UK’s lowest carbon form of delivery, Royal Mail and then grow in one place utilising kitchens as they are to do the growing



The all recyclable disposable grow tray