One Crop – One Box

The box is as slim as a large letter. This makes the postage economic and without that it wouldn’t make much sense. This limitation has taken some working out but the good thing is that we can be pretty sure we’re not wasting any packaging, it all serves a purpose.

Recyclable materials

As a disposable grow box, this one’s important. We’ve carefully sourced materials that can go in household recycling, and actually get recycled. The only thing not for recycling are the leftover roots, but these can go in a food waste bin, a compost heap or degrade in landfill.

Silly Greens Letterbox grow box packaging

Peat-free / Soil-free

We sow the greens into a natural organic jelly produced from seaweed. The seaweed jelly helps to naturally feed the greens and being mostly water, it helps on the watering front.

Microgreens grown in seaweed Jelly