Always remember to dispose of the grow boxes properly to reduce environmental impact.

Here’s how.

Recyclable materials

All the materials can be disposed of in domestic household bins.

Environmental Growing Medium

We sow the greens onto a natural organic medium produced from seaweed. The seaweed extract forms a gel which naturally feeds the seedlings taking nitrogen from the Seaweed. This negates our need to use any fertiliser extracted and processed from non-renewable sources. The roots can be disposed into a food waste bin to turn back into compost.

Get more than Micros

Micros are a short-lived crop. They have the advantage of being quick to grow, but the life span of the plant is cut short.
Sometimes you might want to get a little more from your plant. As we use a natural substrate, it can be placed on top of a pot of soil to grow them further. Simply thin the seedlings out prior to transplanting or use the remains of a pad once they’ve been cut.