The grow boxes are disposable and therefore wasteful by their very nature. What that waste is and how it is dealt is therefore important to reduce the environmental impact.

Recyclable materials

All the materials can be disposed of in domestic household bins. The cardboard, plastic trays can be recycled and all other contents can be put into your food or garden waste bin.

The box has been designed as minimally as possible, the packaging becoming the grow tray once the lid has been cut away.

Return Packaging Scheme

Reuse is better than recycling. Inside the box you’ll find a plastic based instruction sheet which we prefer to see reused. If you collect a quantity of these we encourage these to be returned.

These can be returned inside the same box you recieve the greens in using our freepost return stickers.

We make compost

Inside the box the young seedlings are protected with compostable material, which keeps the box dry and the greens more sturdy.

If you are without a compost or garden waste bin, you can return these pads to us. We produce compost which we make a Compost Tea from which we’ll use to help maintain orchard tree.

Environmental Growing Medium

We sow the greens into a natural pad made from renewable materials. With a combination of Agar Agar and Wood Pulp we’re using a plant based medium which naturally feeds the seedlings taking nitrogen from the Seaweed. This negates our need to use any fertilser extracted and processed from non-renewable sources.

Get more than Micros

Micros are a short lived crop, they have the advantage of offering intense flavour and being quick to grow but the life span of the plant is being cut short.

Sometimes you might want to nurture your plants futher, and eventually get more from them. As we use a natural substrate, it can be placed on top of a pot of soil to grow them futher. Simply thin the seedlings out prior to transplanting or use the remains of a pad once they’ve been cut.