Micorgreens by post
Micorgreens by post

Red Mustard

Mustard is well known in the cress mix. So this ones not particuarly special, it can be a cut and come again green if given more space to grow. It’s got a real punch to it so we sometimes do this mixed with some other greens to balance out the kick. Their are many types of mustard, we use red mustard which forms more decorative frillly leaves on it second leaf stage, it may only reach the first leaf stage.

With a fiery kick, this one has that punchy flavour you often find in micros, and grows strongly. This fast grower tends to get out of control in larger plants, but there’s no worry of that in the micro version.




Light and the odd splash of water

Goes well with

Lamb, duck, fish, mint, lemon, garlic, ginger, cheese, egg, asparagus, olives


Thin it out to around 10% of what’s there

Grow Speed

7-10 days


Popular for a reason – little to fault