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Grow Micro Garlic Chive with Sillygreens
Grow Micro Garlic Chive with Sillygreens

Garlic Chive

It is a potent version of conventional chives’ taste: very oniony but fading before it reaches bitterness. These long slender, thin greens with edible seed tops might have you wondering what they’re all about but then try.

It takes its time but is hopefully worth the wait. A potent, oniony taste with a garlicky kick. Seed tops will cling to the top and give a bit of crunch. No leaf on these, just long, often bent, thin stems.




Good light, careful watering

Goes well with

Potato, cream, egg, asparagus, cheese, parsley mushrooms 



Grow Speed

15-20 days


Sensistive to water in early stages – prefers a mist