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Grow Micro Coriander with Sillygreens
Grow Micro Coriander with Sillygreens


This is the love hate herb. The micro version has the familiar taste of Coriander but lacks the soapy taste which some people get from the mature herb. They go well with salty and spicy foods.

Seed hulls will cling to these, so they may need a stroke to help them drop off. .Slow growers with a preference for a cooler temp below 21C.

Patience is required with the germination, but it will catch up quickly after a slow start.




Good light, careful watering

Goes well with

Fish, coconut, lemon, lime, avocado, lentils


Fragile but possible

Grow Speed

14-18 days


Sensistive to water in early stages – prefers a mist