About Us

We’re a living herb company set up to make food growing more achievable and taste better. Since our launch in 2018 we’ve sown over 1000 micro herb boxes which have been grown in kitchens up and down the country.


We source our seed from an independent family run company which has been supplying and breeding seeds for over three decades and specialise in herbs and leafy salads.

We use untreated seed and sow them in Agar Agar (a natural plant based jelly made from seaweed). The seaweed naturally feeds the greens which are free from pesticides and herbicides. 



The grow boxes are low impact, the packaging itself doubling up as the grow tray. No part of our products need end up in landfill and contain all recyclable or compostable materials.

We run a return scheme for the plastic sheets which get reused and if you don’t have a compost heap, the protecting padding can also be returned. We compost these to make feed that benefits urban orchards.




The current landscape of low cost, widely available and convenient food has long been a disincentive to grow food. The pull to spend six months growing a bag of spuds isn’t what it was. Today it makes sense to be selective with what we grow, especially with perhaps less time and space to grow.

Some produce is hard to find in the shops and tastes much better fresh, whilst some produce farmers are unable to grow commercially. Growing your own has a place, to keep us growing varied crops that are good for us and the environment, particularly important today with the narrowing scope of agricultural practice.


Through the boxes we’ll be able to kick start and incentivise different types of food growing. For some people we hope it doesn’t end with micro herbs, and we aim to push people in different directions opening up community and incentives to grow other foods, including small scale growers in the bigger picture.

We’ll explore initiatives to grow speciality crops for makers and manufacturers, look at ways of utilising garden space for nursing young saplings to support orchards and enable seed swapping. All of which will come into play and be facilitated through the box.